November 2011

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29. november 2011 at 11:42

Related article: B The Coordination Of Benefits/Other Payments Count does not match the number of COB/Other Payment segments received. D D D D P5 Coupon Expired 4950 B Coupon Expired B B B B P6 Date Of Service Prior To Date Of Birth 4330 B DOS Less Than DOB � 5.1 Only The claim Date Of Service is less than the claim Date Of Birth. D D D D P7 Diagnosis Code Count Does Not Match Number Of Repetitions 4331 B The Diagnosis Code Count does not match the number of Diagnosis Codes on a Clinical segment. B B B B P8 DUR/PPS Code Counter Out Of Sequence 4332 B The sets of DUR/PPS information were received out of numerical sequence. This error is returned when the DUR/PPS Segment in the inquiry contains an out of sequence DUR/PPS Code Counter. In other words, the data elements in the DUR/PPS Segment can be repeated several times and with each repitition, the counter field should increment by 1, so if you got a series of loops with the counter = 1, 3, 2 vs. 1, 2, 3 then you'd get this error. There's an example on pg 7-24 of the 5.1 Implementation Guide as well as a decription of the DUR/PPS Segment on page 4-4. D D D D P9 Field Is Non-Repeatable 4333 B Error returned when non-repeatable Usa Pharmacy Clonazepam Overnight Delivery field is repeated. B B B B RA PA Reversal Out Of Order 4951 B PA Reversal Out Of Order D D
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